Faktoria Business Center

Faktoria Business Center it is a modern office space in Henryk Wegner’s Factory of Motors.

Factory has been construct in 1920 year and it is located between Dowborczyków and Kilińskiego Street.

In 2002 property has been bought by Virako. By dint of well- past renovation, old factory became multi-functional office building of the B+ class, with a total usable area of 3000 m2, retaining its unique post-industrial character. Among the institutions which chose this place for their seats and offices, there are, for example, telecommunication, advisory and pharmaceutical companies. In the complex, there is also a stylish restaurant, as well as a modern, multimedia conference hall and a press room.

In 2006 Virako sold Faktoria Business Center.

Investment: Centrum Biznesowe Faktoria
Address: Lodz, 25 Dowborczyków St.
Developer: Virako Sp. z o.o.
Author: MEng Zbigniew Bińczyk
Total Space: 3.000 sm
Investment was terminated: 2006