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Over 20 years of experience. A socially responsible company.

Offices in Łódź – we develop them with passion

The desire to enter new markets and implement innovative development projects motivates us to constantly act accordingly. We set a clear goal: to build a brand recognizable in the development industry, associated with quality, prestige, and originality.

We implement and manage commercial real estate properties

We are a property development company, investing in the construction of office spaces in Łódź. We have been operating on the market since 2000. We specialize both in the construction of modern office complexes and the revitalization of post-factory buildings, which present a perfect solution for well-adapted offices for rent. Łódź is a wonderful city full of original, post-industrial, potential office spaces that we are striving to adapt anew. Our development project located at ul. Dowborczyków 25 in Łódź – Faktoria Business Center – was one of the first examples of an old factory’s adaptation for modern office use.

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Property development projects

The best multi-functional facility worldwide in 2020

Monopolis is a unique project located in the center of Łódź. It combines modern offices as well as commercial and culture-related zones with a wide selection of culinary offer. Its greatest asset includes the revitalization of the historic plants of Monopol Wódczany built in 1902.

Last year, Monopolis won several awards. Just to mention, the prestigious award in the international MIPIM Awards 2020 competition, known as the “Real Estate Oscar”. The revitalization of the former Monopol Wódczany plants won the mixed-use category, beating the competition of 228 other projects from 45 countries. It was the only investment in Europe nominated in this category. In the final, Łódź defeated Singapore, Bangkok, and Montreal.

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Our Team

The Virako team consists of the industry leading specialists, headed by the originator and founder of Virako, a man with passion – Krzysztof Witkowski.

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The founder and CEO of Virako, a valued Łódź-based property development company that has been operating in the city since 2000. He was one of the first people in Poland to take on the renovation of old post-industrial building complex (factory built in 1920 by Henryk Wegner), converting it into office lofts. Krzysztof Witkowski is also responsible for the development of Forum 76. Business Center, the first A-class office building in Łódź.


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